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Will it be the crude or nude charter?

Cruisin' the BVI

Cruisin' the BVI


“Would you prefer to bare boat, or a crude charter?”

This was the first decision I had to make on our recent shoot in the British Virgin Islands. I thought, hmmm, not sure nude or crude will fly on PBS, but what the heck, worth a try!

OK, I am messin’ with ya… “Bareboating” refers to a self-skippered yacht rental , whereas a crewed charter comes with a skipper and private chef.

Our "cat" at Peter Island, BVI

As the daughter of an avid sailor, I was raised to regard any motorized craft with disdain – if it wasn’t wind-powered, it was called a “stink-potter”, and we would have nothing to do with it. So, my first challenge on our BVI shoot was letting go of my prejudice – trading “the romance of the sea” for the ease of power cruising – without cringing.  I was able to accomplish this fairly quickly. The Moorings “power cats” are sexy, comfy and easy to manage for those electing to be the master of their voyage. Bareboating is also less expensive, but, in my opinion, a professional captain is well worth the money. They not only handle the boat and give you peace of mind, but will make sure you discover the best beaches, bars, and protected anchorages.

Lunch aboard our power cat.

The next step up in luxury is a fully crewed yacht vacation – you get meals prepared and no KP duties! (and who knows, you may not even have to give up the bare boating, if that’s what you’re into!)

Traveling with no agenda, no itinerary, no place to be, for me, is true freedom, and I think it’s the reason that so many people are attracted to yacht chartering. Whether you cruise bare, nude, crude, or crewed, it’s the perfect combo of relaxation and adventure.