“Elevation Elation”

Elevation Elation: That giddy feeling of exhilaration that overcomes you around Colfax, as you climb highway 80 into the Sierras. Symptoms are more pronounced after dark, and include an uncontrollable urge to roll down the window, stick your head out and inhale the heavenly mountain air, followed by a desire to scoop up the stars, kiss the moon, hug the trees, and jump for joy. There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like Tahoe!

SO grateful for all I have, and where I live!

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

One thought on ““Elevation Elation””

  1. I like living close to the stars and close to the River. Sometimes it feels very enlightening to go to a higher elevation where, for the most part, there is only nature at its finest.
    Like your elevation elation.
    Travel high!

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