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Season Four episode descriptions…

Macau sans Casinos!

401.  Macau, a Fusion of Cultures, China (TRT 27:25)

In Macau, the fusion of the Portuguese and Chinese cultures has merged casinos with Buddhist temples, coconut milk and cod fish, Grand Prix racing with old world architecture. Portuguese chefs shop in the Chinese market to create one of the world’s most interesting cuisines. Residents practice Tai Chi in city parks, waves lap on the shores of sandy beaches, ancient neighborhoods hang on tightly to their identity – join us to discover Macau sans casinos!


Limin' in the British Virgin Isles

402.  Cruising the British Virgin Islands, Caribbean (TRT 27:09)

Whether you fly, ferry, sail or motor to the islands, you be swaying like a palm in the tropical breeze by the time you depart. We’ll explore the cays and bays of the BVI – snorkeling where pirates once buried treasure, climbing granite boulders at the “Baths”, and hanging out with the local characters at iconic beachside watering holes. Combine all of that with learning to “pilot the ship”, and you have a real adventure!


The road less traveled, REALLY!

403.  Patagonia, Chile – Dolphins, Fjords, & Rainforests in Aysen

(TRT 28:56)

In this two-part episode, we explore a truly off-the-beaten-path region of Patagonia. In Aysen, the main highway is mostly unpaved, travel is rugged, and the scenery intoxicating. Waterfalls tumble over lush mountainsides, wild flowers carpet riverbanks and dolphins frolic in pristine fjords – all of nature’s wonders crammed into one destination – and we’ve done our best pack it all into two episodes!


A gorgeous day on the glacier

404.  Patagonia, Chile – Condors, Lakes and Glaciers in Aysen

(TRT 28:05)

Our journey continues in the southern part of the region, where glaciers loom over crystal clear lakes, cows graze beneath snow-covered peaks, and fly-fishermen come in search of their nirvana. Julie kayaks through magnificent marble caves, hikes on a glacier, shares “mate” with the local fishermen, and enjoys pisco sours with an interesting mix of innkeepers.



Fall colors in Jasper, Alberta

405.  The Rocky Mountain Parks of Alberta, Canada

Landing in Edmonton, we step directly into Canada’s railroad history before embarking on the scenic train ride to Jasper. Touring the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks, we stalk elk with our lenses, ride the “Sno Coach” onto a glacier, hike, canoe and learn about the early adventurers that made this area a renowned mountaineering center, and a mecca for nature lovers from around the globe.


Hoodoos in the Alberta Badlands

406.  Calgary & Aboriginal Alberta, Canada

Canada’s First Nations culture comes alive at aboriginal sites like “Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump”, and her earliest residents are gloriously displayed at the Royal Tyrell Dinosaur museum, where we get a back room tour! We’ll get back-to-nature at Waterton International Peace Park, get up close and personal with Tara the buffalo, then delve into Alberta’s vibrant foodie scene in Calgary!



Stunning coastline in Wales

407.        The Magical Country of Wales (TRT 26:46)

When legendary crooner Tom Jones pined for “the green, green grass of home” he was reminiscing about Wales.  Rolling pastures, flower-filled fields and hedge lined country roads – a romantic journey into the British Isles. The pristine countryside is ideal for cycling thru quaint hamlets and snuggling up to a fire in one of many lovely B & B’s. For the adventurous, the Welsh coastline provides stunning terrain for multi-day hikes; and the rugged cliffs and coves are a favorite for climbing, “coasteering” and kayaking. We’ll travel by canal boat and steam train, then engage the proud locals to learn about the revival of traditional Welsh crafts from a vintner, a whiskey distiller, and a cheese maker.

Crusing the Fjords of Norway

408.        Enchanting, Natural Norway (TRT 26:46)

Trains, ferries, and fjords – nature and man coexisting in splendor. From clean, green, cosmopolitan Oslo, to artsy, hip Bergen; Norway’s cities blend seamlessly with its pristine countryside. In this episode, hosts Julie Conover and Mark Jennings begin their adventure by cycling through Oslo to visit the royal palace, an outdoor folk museum, and an amazing sculpture park, then, ferry to a quaint fjord-side bungalow to dine on fresh mussels.  Next, they embark on one of the world’s most spectacular train adventures. Their journey takes them over a glacier to Flam, where they kayak and hike to discover breathtaking views; then board a ferry for the scenic trip through the fjord.  In Bergen, Mark and Julie wander alleys lined with colorful wooden houses, and stroll the historic wharf and fish market with the locals.

Authentic Baja still exists!

409.    Loreto, Baja California’s Best Kept Secret! (TRT 26:46)

No timeshare hawkers, high rises or massive resorts; just quiet coves and pristine islands for kayakers, gorgeous desert for mountain bikers, the original California missions, and an unspoiled Mexican town.  In this episode, hosts Julie Conover and Mark Jennings discover the secrets of the real Baja. Whether they are kayaking along the coast, or riding mules through the hinterland, the drama and mystique of the desert is a constant force. Mark and Julie hike with an environmentalist to learn about the delicate desert ecosystem and the preservation of it’s coveted water supply. They visit a remote California mission, and “ranchos” owned for generations by the same families, getting intimately acquainted with the landscape, history and people of Baja California.

Guamaniac Jeff explains a "lomo"

410. Guam – Where East meets West (TRT 26:46)

Warm, turquoise waters, lush jungles, intriguing island culture, cosmopolitan shopping and a plethora of historical sites await the traveler that makes the trek to Guam. The island is an endearing mix of Asia, 1960’s America and exotic Pacific island. Hosts Julie Conover and Mark Jennings venture into the little traveled parts of the island to swim in waterfalls, cha cha with the locals at the Wednesday night fiesta, and meet a refreshing group of teenagers passionate about preserving their Chamorro heritage. For the history buff, Guam’s WWI and WWII sites – both above and below the sea – offer a vivid depiction of the battles of the Pacific.