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Here are three favorite diversions to seek out when visiting exotic locations:  rooftop restaurants,  music clubs,  and a local golf course.   Golf we’ll get to later.

Rooftop restaurants.  In an Asian city it’s nice be above the hoi polloi.  The air is a bit cleaner.  The view of thronging,  endlessly fascinating streets below is more entertaining and less of a scrum if you are watching it from above instead of navigating through it.  There is lot interesting to be stuff  to be seen on 3rd world roof tops … laundry to love making .    Here is my artistically metaphorical photo of the great Buddhist temple of Boudhanath    …  which I saved just before Jacki hit the delete button  (several times actually ?)

'Boudhanath with Beer'

‘Boudhanath with Beer’


Usually you find local music in the street or in saloons and restaurants.  Local music is, of course, a great atmospheric …  a sound track for the local culture. Even the most foreign sounds can be toe-tapping after a few jumbo Everest beers, and you will almost always see and hear some unrecognizable instruments,  usually home-made.   We found this little restaurant in KTM from a sign on the street.

KTM Band

I have the cd.  It’s still in its shrink wrap like most of my other native music cds .  I bought it because this sweetly smiling something-player came to our table and told us the proceeds from the cd   ….   ‘were for the children’.


Toasting good bye to KTM … avoiding eye contact with a hippie King Birenda’s 1972 purge apparently overlooked

from the once infamous Kathmandu Guest House

from the once infamous Kathmandu Guest House


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