If you have to google ‘etch-a-sketch’, skip this post

plane map with arrow


Eighteen hours later … and, as always, I am awake the entire flight.  Lots to do in eighteen hours. First do the in-flight magazine crossword, then check out the models in the SkyMall magazine, then master the entertainment module which, on international flights,  offers every movie ever made.  I will eat every pretty-good meal they serve and snatch a complimentary chardonnay miniature now and then.  You know those little fat guys in Wall-E that float around in Barcaloungers?   It’s pretty much like that.


By and by  I’m about halfway through Die Hard Another Day  and Jacki turns to me and says

“Oh oh. Calcutta”

“Oh Oh Calcutta ?  I haven’t seen that one.  Is it good ?”

“Not a movie, the city in India … that’s where we’re going.”  Jacki likes to watch the flight path screen and peeking over I see our ETA has changed from 20 minutes to 3 hours and the nice straight line coming west from Seoul has morphed into a scribble over Kathmandu.  It looks like someone is flying the plane with a Etch-a-Sketch.   Despite the fact we are cruising through a towering skyscape of brilliant white clouds we are told we have a weather problem and  we are being diverted to Calcutta. Something is broken in Kathmandu.  Welcome to Katmandu





One thought on “If you have to google ‘etch-a-sketch’, skip this post”

  1. And that’s why I don’t like flying. Wayne’s planning a trip to Australia and NZ and I’m not keen about flying there. It’s via Peking! Must be on one of your Asian airlines you like !!!
    I think I’ll change that when the plans are formulated.

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