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I figured I may as well make this a blog post, and update everyone at once!

A lovely, bumpy road in Patagonia, Chile

So, here’s where things stand with Passport to Adventure…

The economic downturn caused us a few difficulties, but we are muddling through. Mark has retired, to sort out his own life challenges, and I have taken responsibility for fulfilling our obligations to clients and PBS viewers. Elizabeth and Aaron remain my dedicated crew. We have all made sacrifices to keep the “show on the road”, (bumpy road that it is!) but we are a passionate team determined to fulfill our mission – to inspire our fans to get out there and see the world – dirt roads and all!

We have six, new, HD programs that will go on the air on PBS in early 2012 – Macau, British Virgin Islands, Chilean Patagonia (2) and Alberta, Canada (2).  I promise they are all spectacular!

Anchored off Anagada, BVI

We know our viewers and PBS stations are anxious to see new episodes from us, and we apologize for making you wait so long!  (Be sure to let your local PBS station know you are looking for Passport to Adventure in their schedule, your feedback is always helpful to keep us on their “radar”!)  The TV industry is really not glamorous, it is brutal, and the PBS funding model is not easy to navigate, that said, we feel very privileged to air on a great network, and to have such loyal fans, so hang in there, the new shows will be worth the wait!

Thanks to all of our fans and PBS programmers for your continued support!!


links: If you are interested in more on the trials and tribulations of producing Travel TV in a recession, click on “bumpy Road” above.

And, if you want to know more about how we fund Passport to Adventure, click here!

14 thoughts on “The Scoop…”

  1. Julie,

    I’m reading your blog and enjoying it as much as I have enjoyed your adventures. My favorite memories are of the Sierras and the people I met there. And, of course, you are part of those memories.


  2. Congratulations on your new venture, Julie… I will look forward to viewing your special showings in 2012…
    In the meantime, wishing you the greatest of success and fulfillment in your work.

  3. I enjoy passport to adventure on pbs life. My favorite shows are the exotic islands you visit. Can’t wait for the new shows here in the bayarea. I also enjoy seeing the repeats. Keep up the good work. I wish I was in your shoes.

  4. Julie

    You have a wonderful attitude and have and will go far. I look forward to the new shows this year.

    My Best in all you do.


  5. Glad to hear you are keeping on, inspite of the economic climate. Love your adventures!! Look forward to seeing more of them….Thanks!

  6. All the best Julie. I’ve always enjoyed working with you and Mark as the “Funding for this broadcast…” voice. I look forward to many more years of being a small part of Passport! I know the struggle, and am riding it out too!

  7. You are an inspiration! “Live Small, Travel Big” – My husband and I are in the midst of selling our big mortgage house, and buying the small mortgage fixer-upper . . . and are already dreaming of where our next travel adventure is going to take us! Keep those shows coming!! Thanks for inspiring us!!!

  8. Thanks Julie… we’re your loyal fans and look forward to more spectacular adventures with you in 2012. Keep on traveling… Sandy and Dick Tomlinson

  9. Hey Juls,
    I so look forward to seeing these new productions and to future blog entries. Having visited so many gorgeous places in the world, I’m still breath taken by our own Sierra back yard and the high desert wilderness that adjoins much of it. Love coming back here–it never fails to amaze me. During this downturn, what a great place to recharge! And it shows in the energy you bring to your work and your viewers. Carry on…
    Off to Nepal…

  10. Hi Julie! I wish you all the best in the coming year! You know I think my husband and I were one of your first travel junkies way back! We still enjoy all the places you go, and most times if we are going to be at a place you have been, we will watch that show before we go! We’ve also tried to get our traveling friends turned on to your shows!
    Our favorite places are still in the Tyrol, both Austrian and Italien. We still get out your videos before we go!
    Anyway, I wish you all the best. You are actually living out our dream!
    Always, JoAnn and Tim

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